Brandywine Condominium Association

It is the responsibility of the Activities Committee, as the umbrella committee for all Brandywine social activities, to review, evaluate, approve and schedule existing activities and to initiate new activities. The Activities Committee, within budgetary constraints, either provide or arrange for the provision of those supplies necessary for those activities.

1. The Committee directs proposed activities to the Brandywine Women’s
Association or a sub-committee of the Activities Committee for development.

2. Chairpersons of social activities, other than those initiated by the Brandywine
Women’s Association and the Garden Club, are to remit any excess monies to the
Activities Treasurer within ten (10) days after the activity has occurred. These
monies are used for activity expenses at the discretion of the Activities Committee.

Activities that meet regularly and/or frequently and consume materials and supplies shall have the cost of those activities borne by the participants i.e. painting, ceramics, jewelry making, cards, etc.

Activities Committee

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